OHBDA Speech

OHBDA Speech

Oman Hereditary Blood Disorders Association


Oman Hereditary Blood Disorders Association (henceforth the Association) is a non-profit and community association based in Muscat. It was incorporated in June 2009 upon the Social Development Ministry decision No. 75/2009 AD. The association provides awareness-raising services and programs on health, psychological, and social levels in coordination with the relevant health institutions.


The association, in cooperation with the relevant entities, works on improving the services rendered to patients. It also opens channels of communication between the patients, their families, and specialists in various medical and therapeutic fields.


The association also organizes educational awareness lectures and seminars on hereditary blood disorders. In addition to that, it works on establishing an educational center to publish educational materials with scientific and educational content for various groups in the community.


The association also makes awareness workshops and lectures at schools and in various sectors of the society, to convey information and facts about hereditary blood disorders prevalent in the Sultanate of Oman. Moreover, it makes great efforts to urge the government to pass laws and programs related to early screening in order to ensure that future’s generations are free of hereditary blood disorders.


The association is run by a group of volunteers, including patients and their families in addition to the health sector workers. The association is supervised by the Ministry of Social Development.


The association’s main office is in Muscat, where most of the association’s pubic and periodic meetings are held and attended by the association’s affiliates from most of the governorates.


The association has founded groups of teams that operate under its umbrella and in several governorates to extend the scope of the services provided by the association itself and to ensure accessibility to all patients and interested people. For example, Nizwa Charity in Ad Dakhiliyah Governorate, Sohar Charity Team in Al Batinah North Governorate, Ibri Charity Team in Ad Dhahirah Governorate, Ash-Sharqiyyah Charity Team in Ash-Sharqiyyah Governorate, and Musandam Charity Team in Musandam Governorate. We also have a specialized team for thalassemia patients nicknamed “Iron Warriors Team” and located in Muscat Governorate.


All teams, in the various governorates, execute many activities and events that suit the association’s goals and act as a channel between the umbrella association in Muscat Governorate and all the different segments of society.

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