How we work

How we work

Oman Hereditary Blood Disorders Association Disorders is a non-profit and community association based in Muscat, Al-Khoudh 6. It has been incorporated on the fourteenth of June, 2009, and pursuant to the ministerial decision No. 75/2009. Both, its main office and management center are in Muscat Governorate. The association’s geographical scope includes all the governorates and states of the Sultanate by establishing teams reviving from it and pursuant to it in most of the Sultanate’s governorates:

  • Nizwa Team
  • Iron Warriors Team
  • Sohar Team
  • North Ash-Sharqiyyah Team
  • Musandam team

The association provides awareness-raising services and programs on health, psychological, and social levels in coordination with the relevant health institutions based on the principle of social partnership. The association’s goal is to educate the Omani society on hereditary blood disorders and their effects on the society itself and to create legislation, programs, courses, and activities that contribute to achieving the association’s vision.

Since its establishment, the association has carried out many events and activities in the various governorates of the Sultanate so that it can raise awareness of hereditary blood disorders and the methods of prevention. The association also enhances the individual and institutional awareness about family and community health through visiting educational institutions such as schools, universities, and colleges in order to educate male and female students through organizing lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and through visiting public and private bodies to spread awareness across them.

The association also participated and won Sultan Qaboos Prize for Voluntary Work in 2014 and Sultan Bin Khalifa International Thalassemia Award in 2015. In addition to its participation in Gulf meetings and exhibitions in order to publicize it and exchange ideas and developments in the field of hereditary blood disorders.

The association also annually celebrates the International Thalassemia Days and Sickle Cell Anemia Days. In addition, it revives the International Week of Hereditary Blood Disorders by association events and activities that aim at introducing these disorders and raising awareness of them.